Good health is critical for anyone who wants to enjoy a good life; that’s true for people as well as pets. If you would like to share as many happy, high-quality years with your beloved companion as possible, you need to make sure they are protected against deadly diseases. Vaccinations play a major role in keeping your pet well, which is why Hickory Grove Animal Hospital is delighted to be your trusted resource for pet vaccinations in Charlotte.

How Vaccinations
Protect Pets

A vaccination involves using a specialized substance called a vaccine to spur the production of antibodies against a particular germ. A vaccine may contain either an inactive version of the disease organism or a harmless live variant of the organism. The vaccine organisms have biological markers called antigens that identify them as potential threats to the body. This stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies that can attack and defeat that organism, providing your pet with immunity against future exposures to the danger as long as the vaccine remains potent.

Why does your pet's body need extra help protecting itself against Mother Nature? Puppies and kittens come into the world with no chance to build up their own immunity, instead using second-hand protection provided by their mother's milk. Once this option is no longer available, they are completely vulnerable to a variety of infectious agents. The vaccinations administered by our Charlotte veterinarian compensate for this gap so they can remain healthy.

Core and Non-Core Vaccinations
in Charlotte

Many different vaccinations are currently available, but not all of them are necessary or even recommended for all pets. The critical vaccinations that every pet should receive are known as core vaccinations, while others are referred to as non-core or lifestyle vaccinations. Our veterinarian in Charlotte will administaer several rounds of core vaccinations to your pet during the first year of life, beginning at 6-8 weeks of age, to establish and reinforce a strong foundation of immunity. Dogs receive core vaccinations against rabies, canine distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, and canine hepatitis. Cats are vaccinated against rabies, feline viral rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, and feline calicivirus. Our Charlotte veterinarian will then administer updates according to a set schedule to prevent the protection from weakening.

Non-core or lifestyle vaccines are more situational, often depending on the exposure risks presented by your pet's lifestyle and environment. For instance, vaccinations against diseases such as Bordetella and feline leukemia may be recommended for animals who enter boarding or grooming facilities or are exposed to other animals. We may also recommend vaccinating your pet against Lyme Disease or CIV depending on certain lifestyle factors. We can assess your pet's risk factors and let you know whether certain non-core vaccines would be a sensible precaution.

If you have a new pet who needs their first vaccinations, an older pet who needs a booster, or a dog or cat with an unknown vaccination history, let Hickory Grove Animal Hospital provide the protection they need. For vaccinations in Charlotte, contact us today.

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