Pet Emergency

Emergencies happen at any time and may impact your pet's well-being and health. When you notice signs of a problem or you have clear concerns about a situation, you want to take measures to address the situation. At Hickory Grove Animal Hospital, we offer emergency services to help with unexpected accidents or problems with your pet's health that occur suddenly and may cause significant harm. When your companion needs a Charlotte emergency vet, look no further than our loving and experienced team.

Common Pet Emergencies

These common emergencies give you an idea of situations that may require medical treatment for your pet. The common emergencies depend on the pet, but certain risks occur for dogs and cats. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, and it is best to err on the side of caution and seek immediate veterinary care if you have any reason to suspect that your pet is suffering from a serious injury or illness.

Pet emergencies that may arise include:

Trauma, such as getting hit by a car or injured in a fall

Collapsing or fainting

Difficulty breathing


Difficulty urinating

Ingesting poison


Problems related to giving birth


Swallowing a foreign object, like a toy or sock


Nerve problems or problems in the brain, which may exhibit as uncoordinated walking or unresponsiveness

Allergic reactions

Sudden blindness

Pets face a variety of situations that may lead to a need for emergency care. Some emergencies, like trauma or going into labor, are obvious emergencies. Other situations may not seem dangerous to your pet. You should always seek treatment if you have any concerns about a pet's behavior or concerns about a sickness.

How to Handle
an Emergency

Handling a pet emergency depends on the situation. A trauma differs significantly from vomiting or bloating, so you want to clarify the potential risks to your pet's health before taking any actions.

In the case of physical traumas, evaluate the injury and use a clean bandage or cloth to gently wrap the injured area. Do not use any antiseptic and avoid cleaning out a wound. A Charlotte emergency veterinarian at Hickory Grove Animal Hospital has the experience and skill to clean out a wound without causing harm to your pet. You want to avoid unnecessarily causing further injuries and focus on getting your pet to a professional. Wrapping the wound helps slow the bleeding. If your pet has severe bleeding, then put pressure on the wound and have someone hold your pet with pressure to the area while you seek emergency services.

When a pet swallows poison, seek immediate emergency care. The poison must be removed from your pet's system to reduce the impact on his or her health. It’s also crucial to seek treatment for allergic reactions caused by foods or insect bites, since they may cause a similar reaction to poisoning.

In the case of heatstroke, use cool water to gently cool down your pet before taking further action. Do not use cold water, since it may send a pet into shock. Cool water from a hose or a tub will help. Seek treatment when your pet does not show signs of heatstroke.

When to Seek an Emergency Vet
in Charlotte, NC

When to Seek
an Emergency Vet
in Charlotte, NC

An emergency vet in Charlotte, NC, provides the treatment and care your pets need in an urgent situation. You want to seek emergency services when your pet is injured or shows signs of an internal problem and when you have any concerns serious about their health. If you are unsure about the situation, it is best to seek treatment to avoid complications. Always consider trauma, difficulty breathing, allergic reactions, or suspected poisoning as emergencies. Odd behavior, like uncoordinated movements or unresponsiveness, may also require emergency treatment.

Emergencies impact your pet's health, and you want to prepare for the possibility of complications by seeking proper treatment. When you suspect an emergency or have any concerns about your pet's health, seek emergency treatment. To learn more about emergencies or for an appointment, call 704-563-5858 today.

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